Signed Copies Now Available

Just in time for the holiday season, I’m pleased to announce a new purchasing option for anyone interested in buying print copies of my books! At the moment, the only ones available in print are my novel Mathematics Of Eternity, and my short story collection, Dead Reckoning and Other Stories, but the sequel to “Mathematics” will be coming soon!

Perfect as a gift for someone or even if you want to treat yourself. I’m making these available at the price I normally charge for direct sales at conferences (less than Amazon!) plus postage.

You can have your choice of inscription, and if you want them as a gift for someone else during the holiday season, I’ll even gift wrap them for you!

To take advantage of this, simply fill out the form!

Story cover designs

I don’t consider myself an “artist” (I leave that to my brother, who’s brilliant at graphic design!). But I do have some artistic flair and can knock up the odd image or two. I’m not necessarily very good at the raw creative side, but I can take an image or several and turn them into a creation that usually suits my purpose.

As I’m also pretty penny-pinching (at least in some ways) I don’t want to spend money on custom graphics and couldn’t afford to anyway. So I make use of pieces I can create myself along with stock images that I can purchase. (If you’re looking for stock images, sounds or video clips you might want to check out which offers a large selection of material at reasonable prices.

Armed with a few images I liked, I recently spent some time prototyping some different covers for my soon to be released short-story “How much is that doggy?”. This piece explores an unusual form of pet therapy involving an elderly man and a dog and I wanted the cover to reflect that while at the same time making it clear that it’s speculative fiction.

I tried a number of different mock-ups and variations, but eventually came up with these three that I felt were the strongest.

Cover-1 Cover-3Cover-4






I liked the solo dog photo very much. It’s face is so expressive and has an uncanny human-like expression, but the first attempt (left, above) was a little indistinct at small sizes (Amazon thumbnail size). With the second (above, middle) I loved the vibrant colors and it featured both a man and dog in it so was definitely “on theme” but I still liked the solo dog and experimented further. The end result is the third version above. This was my favorite – vibrant colors, the expressive puppy and a hint of the mysterious.

I chose that one in consultation with my wife, who always gives me good advice, though I don’t always listen…

One step nearer to publication!