Bad SciFi Architecture, No Hyper-Twinkie…

Space is strange. Space is big–very, very big. It’s cold, it’s hot, it’s dangerous, it’s tranquil. It is everything and nothing. In short, it is so different from where we are now that only the noisiest of authorities would find it well received.

But above all else, scifi architecture is the strangest.

I’ve been doing some 3D modelling recently while putting together a trailer for my upcoming novel, and as a result I’ve been browsing a lot of concept art. There are some incredibly talented artists out there, but something that often baffles me is the vision of space architecture.

By that, I’m not talking about external ship design. We have no idea what such ships might look like–not having developed warp drive, hyperdrive, or any of the endless variants yet–so any guess is pretty much as good as any other (although most spaceships/starships will consist largely of fuel tanks and radiator fins, and as such are unlikely to have much in the way of pleasing aesthetics.) But when it comes to scifi interiors… Well, take a look at these:

The image on the left  is a Victorian era bedroom. Note the fancy arched doors, the ornate multilevel ceiling with complex carved wood and plaster detail. Can you imagine Continue reading “Bad SciFi Architecture, No Hyper-Twinkie…”

Sci-Fi Coffee Round-up

Last week’s posts seemed to attract little attention. Whether that was down to my choice of subjects or execution, who knows. The movies included Hollow Man directed by Paul Verhoeven, the classic Ghost Rider comic and The Abyss, from James Cameron. The winner. on a low turn-out poll. was the highly enjoyable Abyss.


Gost Rider1

Hollow Man-1

Sci-Fi Coffee Round-up

Highlighted this week are the Terry Gilliam movie, Brazil, the remake of V, and the more recent Elysium. I watched the original series of V and wasn’t very impressed, but haven’t seen the remake. I’ll have to remedy that. Perhaps it’s better. Brazil is one of my favorite movies, a dark and brooding black comedy well worth watching if you haven’t seen it. Though you might not look at Michael Palin the same ever again!

And the winner? A surprising vote for… Brazil!




Scifi Coffee Round-Up

A mixed bag of sci-fi coffee this week and a mixed response too. The round up features images from the Super 8 and Westworld movies as well as the Man Of Steel himself. The voting was tight between Superman and Westworld, but in the end it was Superman who took the victory.