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A fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi thriller.

Mathematics Of Eternity

The future’s about to get a lot more action-packed!
Meet former space engineer, Joe Ballen. These days, he’s scraping a living flying cabs in flooded-out Baltimore, trying to avoid the clutches of his boss and the well-meaning advice of an old friend. When one of his passengers suffers a grisly death, Joe is dragged into a dangerous web of ruthless academic rivalry centered on a prototype spaceship.


Dead Reckoning And Other Stories

Looking for SF that’s intelligent, action-packed, and humorous?
This collection of ten short stories features a cast of characters all in need of some serious therapy.Hector discovers life after death ain’t easy when your shorts itch and your ass belongs to a whip-wielding giant. And Murphy’s fighting to keep the peace as his team of geeky scientists and a gung-ho lieutenant investigate a mysterious alien ship—all while dealing with his own case of Murphy’s Law. First Contact is always complicated, especially when you have to call in cranky old relic, Casteneda, to bail you out. Fresh off the battlefield, Matt Holbrook is also grappling with a perplexing new species, but all he wants is to make it home. And Earl Duarte is in for some interesting pet therapy in How Much Is That Doggy?
Discover Dead Reckoning And Other Stories. SF with attitude!



How far would you go to protect your career? Your friends? Your family? Your way of life?
The Atolls--a group of elite off-world colonists—dominate from their position orbiting the Earth, restricting access to scroffers—their name for the people still living on the planet.
When the Atolls announce a draconian clampdown on immigration, Shuttle pilot Guy Addison faces the very real possibility that he will never be allowed into space again. When terrorists take over his shuttle, he must confront secrets from his past and the deadly consequences of a new future. Can he outwit both the terrorists, and the Atolls, to bring his ship home?
Atoll: An edge-of-the-seat suspense-filled thriller with action on every page!


Fenton Treeby Is Missing

An entire town has vanished. And so has the world’s greatest scientific mind, Fenton Treeby. The Internal Security Bureau wants answers and fast.ISB Agent Steve Boardman is assigned to the case, but it’s his first week back on the job after recovering from severe PTSD. To make matters worse, his assigned partner, Lynna, is as busy trying to prove he’s crazy as she is looking for a way to pin the disappearance on the Pan-Asians.Boardman has another theory. One that might be just enough to confirm Lynna’s idea that he’s cracked up. Can he prove her wrong and keep himself together long enough to discover what really happened to Fenton Treeby and the town?.


Three Lives Of Mary

Mary is part of an elite CySapient team. Together with her husband Ben--a total-conversion sentient spaceship--she surveys planets looking for potentially colonizable worlds.
While investigating a possibly habitable planet, Mary encounters a strange plant-animal hybrid that threatens to destroy her, despite her near invulnerable Cynetic body. Ben rescues her, but is severely damaged--including his highly expensive Dataract brain augmentation.
After limping back to the nearest repair base, Mary discovers that bad investments in immature colony worlds, along with Ben's taste for lavish hardware upgrades, have wiped out most of their funds. Unable to afford the life-saving repairs Ben needs, Mary must now risk everything to save him, and make decisions that will change both their lives forever.



It was Inser's job to watch over the Complex. The distance from Earth made that seem somewhat pointless and he always suspected the motive was more political -- the bureaucratic mind just couldn't imagine a project costing billions without some form of security. More crucially he watched those working in the Complex for any signs of misconduct. Potential danger was far more likely to come from someone there officially, someone who had slipped through the screening process. So he watched them, scrutinized them...


How Much Is That Doggy?

Earl Duarte is at war. He's fighting his aging body and dementia, not to mention his daughter's efforts to move him into an "assisted living" community. Then an unexpected canine visit provides a peculiar dose of pet therapy with astonishing consequences.



Commissioner Bellarbi's administration of the Information Systems Investigation Authority isn't going well. He believes the global technology infrastructure is under attack from cyber-terrorists. With public protests rising and his job under threat, he needs answers fast. Leaving him only one choice: to seek help from her... Mayrum Casteneda, the legendary founder of the Authority, is a relic from a bygone age who definitely doesn't suffer fools. She might just be the only person who can help, but are the answers buried too deep?


A Slight Imperfection

Astrophysicist, Alec Myre, is researching the principles of Dark Energy and the nature of the Universe when he uncovers shocking evidence that questions the fundamentals of scientific theory. But given his history of mental illness, will anyone believe him? And is the truth more terrifying than even he imagines?


Very well written collection of short sci-fi stories with excellent plots. Plenty of suspense to keep the readers interest.

Dead Reckoning And Other Stories

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A fantastic , fast-paced, action-packed book. The plot is carefully crafted with a great feel for suspense. 

Mathematics Of Eternity

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