All you zombies

“I felt a headache coming on, but a headache  powder  is one thing I do not take. I did once – and you all went away.” – Robert A. Heinlein

I guess I must have taken a headache powder!

What actually happened was that my (now former!) webhost, suffered from a problem with one of its servers losing this site and several others I manage for various people.

This should have been a slight inconvenience. One quick restore from the daily backups and we should have been up and running again.

However, the backup was corrupt.

No problem you think, just go to the next backup set.

That’s what I thought too. But it seems there is only one backup set.

Now uniqueness can be a celebrated status, as human beings we are all unique and as such incredibly valuable. As a Highlander immortal, being ‘the only one’ is a state to be persued with grim determination and bloodshed.

As a state for a backup, uniqueness is about as desirable as sex addict’s visit to a nunnery.

Even after contacting the company repeatedly to ask for further efforts to recover the data for the affected sites, I received only a single reply that brushed off the incident with only a ‘we sympathise and will get back to you’. A week later, they haven’t.

I don’t expect miracles. I don’t expect people to run around doing my every whim on five minutes notice. But I do expect a company to act professionally and responsibly, especially when I am paying them for precisely that.

Host Depot has proved themselves to be thoroughly and totally unprofessional in this matter. I strongly urge people not to use them.

Who pays the (unborn) ferryman?

So, Mr. DumbAndSelfish has just been on vacation and lost, presumed stolen, a substantial amount of cash. Now everyone knows that carrying large quantities of cash around is pretty dumb, and especially when going on holiday where you’re staying at hotels with lots of unfamiliar people are coming and going and crooks deliberately target people looking for the one idiot stupid enough to take cash or valuables with them.

Now, having returned from this rather costly sojourn, Mr. DumbAndSelfish concerned contacted the police to report the loss. Naturally, the police can’t do anything (even if the could be bothered to try) but it’s essential to get that all-important crime report number so that Mr. DumbAndSelfish can now claim from his insurance company for the loss caused by his stupidity. After all, that’s what insurance companies are for isn\’t it?

This kind of selfish thinking goes much further though. You may have heard the news recently of a ruling by a Canadian court that an unborn baby can sue it’s own mother for injuries that occurred as a result of a car accident. It was already legal to sue the Father in such cases, but now this insanity has been extended to cover mothers. Continue reading “Who pays the (unborn) ferryman?”